Island moving and the need for floss

Posted by Hannah Rae on Jul 3, 2009 in Life in the Stubborn house

We are having a great time at my dad’s in Northern Minnesota.

The little guy has now collapsed after a day of non-stop boyish-ness. Gabe is taking a nice warm bath to soothe his many mosquito bites, and then he will collapse as well. What a day.

After a wonderful breakfast of wild blueberry pancakes, the boys went down to the lake with Grandpa to move some cattail islands that were blocking the parking area for his boat. Gabe was a huge help. Jeremiah mainly just like to shout “HIYAH” while trying to hook the island with his rake. He did get the opportunity to move some Miah sized islands all by himself later. Grandpa was extremely grateful for the help, and now the swimming area is much more accessible.

After island-moving, Gabe put his amazing lawn mowing skills to work and helped Grandpa mow his VERY green lawn. Again, Grandpa was extremely grateful for the help. Gabe’s attitude and maturity level have been amazing while we’ve been here, and we talked this evening about how he needs to keep it up at home as well.

Both boys have been enjoying the endless opportunities to fish and were thrilled when they got the chance to go out on a bass boat with a pastor friend for a while this evening. Jeremiah especially had a hard time containing his excitement. They didn’t catch anything, but they weren’t complaining.

For dinner tonight we had amazing grilled BBQ chicken, garden fresh salad, and super sweet corn. What a wonderful summer dinner, even if floss was required afterwards.

After a little more fishing time down at the doc, and a little down time cuddling with me on the couch, the little guy bathed and gladly collapsed into bed. YAY! :)

Tomorrow there is the possibility of a bog walk to look for some carnivorous plants, and of coarse a picnic and fireworks. Yay for family time!!!

Kaleb and I are enjoying relaxing and just being together. It’s been a time of renewal, which is what my heart was hoping for.



Oh, and when Gabe was told to put his initials on a plastic cup to use all weekend, he put his “new initials”. SOO CUTE!!!

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Preparing for the weekend…and it’s only Tuesday

Posted by Hannah Rae on Jun 30, 2009 in Life in the Stubborn house

I am so excited to be heading up (or over) to my daddy’s house for the long weekend. I am praying for a joyful, restful, relaxing time of renewal for our whole family. My perfect weekend would include a husband detached from his laptop¬† and two boys running out to play outside in the woods and fishing to their hearts’ content. Kaleb needs a rest so badly. He is in much too high demand at work and his body is really feeling the stress. I’m also praying for spiritual renewal for our whole family, bus especially Kaleb.

I spoke to Jeremiah’s caseworker again a few moments ago and she has been trying to get a hold of the tribal court all morning. Lord, I pray for favor and speed in that situation. I pray that the right people will be reached and that the paper work will go through smoothly. Who knew it would be so complicated to take a little boy to Grandpa’s house. I am also hoping we can get a hold of everyone we need to on our end to arrange pick-up and such. The group homes are out at camp this week, and people are hard to get a hold of.

Sad news is that Rachel can’t come with us. She is very disappointed, as are we.¬† The adult group home where she works has been in some turmoil lately and they can’t spare her. POOEY!!!! Well, at least we don’t have to pay a dog-sitter. It still royally SUCKS!

Gabe’s behaviors have been erratic the past couple of days. His attitude has been fine, but his behaviors just aren’t making much sense. It’s very possible this is just because he hasn’t had his morning med in a couple of days because the prescription was written for Monday. My Mom-Radar was going nuts last night, but, as far as I can tell, he was telling the truth and didn’t get into anything he shouldn’t have. I know that this trip is going to bring out a lot of mixed feelings for him, and I am trying to prepare him now. He keeps assuring me that he will be fine, but I know his tells, especially when it comes to social situations. The biggest things we are going to have to work on are conversation skills. Thankfully, my daddy ROCKS and has lots of experience with all kinds of kids, so he will be fine. I know my step-mom is probably a little nervous, but she is so good at just lovin’ on people. We will go over what skills the boys (mainly Gabe) are working on with both Dad and Laraine so they at least know what to report back to us. Again, the biggie is going to be conversation skills, including telling tall tales, taking over a conversation, interrupting, asking inappropriate questions etc… The biggie with Miah will be controlling his treasure hunting. He has an incredible ability of finding things that aren’t his and utilizing them in his adventures. He’s not stealing them, he simply doesn’t think to ask before he uses them. It looks cool, so why not play with it? My dad has a lot of very cool things, especially that a little boy would like, so I can already anticipate this coming up a few times.

The boys have been chatting about this trip relentlessly for the past week and these are some of the activities they are most looking forward too:

  • Swimming (My dad’s back porch is about 50 yards from a very nice lake.)
  • Fishing (Jeremiah is especially stoked about this.)
  • Fort building in the woods next to the house.
  • Star gazing (Both boys have shown incredible interest in the stars, and this is one of my dad’s favorite hobbies. Awesome!)
  • Getting to know Grandma and Grandpa. :)

Dad, since you are one of my most avid readers, can’t wait to see you!



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Spring is Loud!

Posted by Hannah Rae on Apr 18, 2009 in Life in the Stubborn house

I was out walking the dogs this morning when I realized that spring in the U.P. is LOUD!

There were these guys with their tweet tweets


And of coarse these little hoppers with their beautiful songs


These little ones were EVERYWHERE in our neighbors yard


And this guy was definitley doing some knock-knock-knocking


I saw (and heard) pairs of these guys swirling all over the sky, singing to eachother


And of coarse the incredibly NOISY finches


These big beauties are my favorite part of living in Michigan. They beautiful, low warble makes me smile every time.


And who can forget these little cuties?


Or these?blue_jay


And we can’t forget the two LOUDEST of them all….


and (Lots and lots of these flying over head.)


And of coarse, we can’t forget our favorite bird of all, who provides us with constant noise no matter what time of year.

Happy Spring Everyone!!!! Our snow is ALMOST gone!!!

Photos (except Juji-Bird) courtesy of www.outdoor-michigan.com

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