Momentary inspiration

Posted by Hannah Rae on Jan 7, 2010 in Life in the Stubborn house

I got 1 and 1/2 pages done for the boys’ life books today. YAY for momentary inspiration!!!

I have been busy uploading photos to w*lgreens. com . We have one locally now, which is nice, cuz I get to pick up prints there, and it’s cheaper and higher quality than printing off of our printer, even though we have a good printer.

Anywho, I ordered another 95 prints today, but had a coupon for 9 cent prints. ROCK! If you use w*lgreens.com, type in the code 9CENTS at check out.

I got Gabe’s “home coming day” page done this evening . He helped pick out the stickers for it and made it quite humorous. He kept asking if that was okay, and I kept telling him “It’s your life book.” BTW, is life book one word, or two?  I’m seeing one in a lot of places, but that doesn’t make much sense to me.

I’m half way done with Jeremiah’s “home coming day” page, but I’m waiting for some of the pics that I will pick up tomorrow.

I tend to get really excited about projects for short periods of time and then lose interest, but with this, since it’s for the boys, I think that I can follow through.

I’ve got requests in with the boys’ caseworkers for photos and I spent today typing up history stuff from Jeremiah’s file, and will do the same for Gabe tomorrow. That should be interesting.

I know that part of the purpose of a life book is to help the child come to terms with what happened in their past. Gabe has a lot of magical thinking when it comes to events that led up to him being placed with us. I’m hoping that putting things in print in front of him will help him internalize things for what they really are. Even having the dates in place will help. He has a hard time with the concept of when things happened in relation to each other. I think that will help Jeremiah too. Time means nothing to that little one.

So tomorrow I’m going into town for a Dr.’s appointment (Yay for internal ultrasounds!), and then I am planning on hitting the craft store for some good, neutral pages, and maybe some more lettering and embellishments. A dear friend got me a bunch of scrapping stuff for Christmas, but a lot of it is very summery or bright, so I need to find some boyish stuff.

I’m still needing tips, so those of you who haven’t commented in a while, or EVER, please let me know you are there and give me some ideas. They can be life book ideas, or simply scrap bookings ideas. Or maybe you can just let me know you are there.  UN-LURK PEOPLE!



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