Feeling organized and responsible

Posted by Hannah Rae on Feb 13, 2011 in Life in the Stubborn house

I made a menu for the week, looking through my  favorite cook books, and choosing all new recipes that I’ve been wanting to try.

  • Cranberry Beef Brisket
  • Make your own salad with yummy chicken.
  • Mexican casserole (My MIL brought this recipe over last night. :) One less idea to come up with.)
  • Ginger Beef and Broccoli with brown rice

I had Gabe help me do inventory and I made a categorized grocery list.

I got out my coupons that I had ordered from coupon clippers and took out the ones I will specifically be using tomorrow and put them with my list. (Note: I only order coupons on things that we use regularly.)

I am feeling very organized and responsible. I feel like this process is more necessary than before since I am only making 2 trips to town a week. I am hoping that it cuts down on runs to our local coop, which can be very expensive. It’s just one more thing on my mama and wifey adventure.



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Homeschooling Adventure: The Space

Posted by Hannah Rae on Feb 5, 2011 in Life in the Stubborn house

Jeremiah’s workspace was created by using an old college desk that we got at our local Habitat for Humanity Restore for around $20. My sister had been using it for her TV, but she wasn’t too sad to part with it. My hubby hooked him up with a laptop that he bought from his company for $10 so he can do his Mathletics and Spelling City work. The laptop is loaded with edubuntu, which has a bunch of awesome educational games on it, including a typing tutor.

His desk is currently parked in our “foyer” in front of our big formal door that is the biggest air leak ever! It is taped up for the winter, so it’s the perfect place. It’s just off the living room, and kitty corner to the dining room, so I can see him from just about everywhere. It’s also opposite of our big mirror, so he is not far if he needs to fix his face or do some self-talking.


The desk has a cork board backing for him to tack reminders to, as well as for me to post “good job” messages and certificates, like his SILVER certificate from Mathletics. He worked really hard for that, and I want him to look his hard work and success in the face. LOOK AT IT!


The only downside to where his desk is, is that he is only 10 feet away from Juji’s cage. Juji bird has been getting VERY NOISY in the morning as of late. We are both working on ignoring her bad behavior. :)

Ideas? Suggestions? Favorite things?



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God cares about power cords

Posted by Hannah Rae on Sep 9, 2009 in faith, Life in the Stubborn house

I want to share a little story about God’s big faithfulness.

We went to my mother’s this past weekend to spend some badly needed time with her, as well as enjoy a Christian music festival. We have all been going through a lot of changes and stresses lately, and this vacation was something we needed in order to be refreshed. Kaleb was actually able to come, which is not always the case due to his responsibilities at work, and he was looking forward to it immensely.

All was going well until we got a call a day before we were leaving from my husband’s cousin who had agreed to stay with our dogs while we were gone. He said that he could no longer watch the dogs, but that another cousin would be able to. That was fine, so plans continued. 5 hours after we left on our trip we got a call from the first cousin saying that he couldn’t get a hold of the second cousin because she was away camping. The first cousin said that he couldn’t take care of the dogs, and what should he do. This is a grown man by the way. Our dogs had been home alone 5 hours at this point, so I told him that he needed to go sleep over there for the night and that we would find someone to take care of the them tomorrow.

Now, Kaleb is a pessimist. He is convinced that Murphy follows us and loves to torture us. He was convinced we needed to turn around and go home. We stopped at a wayside (I love that they are actually called waysides. As in “fall by the wayside.” Hehe.) and we prayed. We prayed because God knew we needed this break as a family and we claimed that He would come through with someone to watch our dogs, but that if we needed to go home we would.

We called a friend for whom we have dog sat before. At 11 PM. He was up and he agreed not only to watch the dogs, but to bring them back to his home, with a fenced in yard.

Yes. God cares about dog-sitters.

We got to my mom’s safely and enjoyed a restful night (morning actually). We had driven through the night, so once we got up at noon, we were all lounging in our jammies in my mom’s living room.  Kaleb had to get some work done on his laptop, so Mom and Rachel went to town to do some errands and we were planning on meeting up with them later.  Eventually, Kaleb’s laptop started to run low on power, and as he reached into his bag to get his power cord I saw his face go white.

“It’s not here. I left my power cord at home!”

He knew exactly where it was. It was plugged in next to our bed. He had left it there after taking a meeting in our bedroom the day before.

Now normally this would not be a big deal. Many laptops have similar power adapters and it’s typically not difficult to find one that will work. This was not the case.  My hubby’s business laptop is a business class HP, which apparently has an annoyingly unique power adapter. Again, in normal circumstances no reason to panic, we would be going home in a few days, but Kaleb was not heading home with us. He was flying directly from my home town to Los Angeles to meet with big wigs about big projects of which all the information for was on his laptop…with very little power left.

Panic set in. Kaleb was nearly ready to jump in the car and head back to the U.P. (a 13 hour drive) simply to get his power cord. He was angry at himself, and convinced that his “foolishness” had ruined the trip for everyone.

I prayed. I prayed that there would be a solution. He couldn’t pray at this point, so I prayed for him.

He searched online and found that B*st B*y had a universal adapter that might work. But it was expensive. And the store might not have it in stock.

I prayed. I prayed to my Heavenly Father that He would help. That he would not only have the adapter be in stock, but that it would be on sale.

Can you guess what happened? Do you know how crazy faithful my God is about even the little things?

Not only did they have the adapter in stock, but it was more than 50% off. (I’m tearing up over this.) Not only that, but it WORKED!!!

God saved our trip. Every time the enemy tried to trip us up, God intervened because He knows our hearts and He KNEW we needed this family time. Or maybe he intervened simply so I could write this post to tell you that HE CARES! Even about the little things.

He cares about sales on school clothes and where you put that important piece of paper. He cares because He loves you! If you stop your busy mind and take the time to ask Him, He will help!

Now, I know it doesn’t always work exactly the way we want it too. Sometimes things just suck, but God is still there in those moments. Sometimes, I just have to take the time to ask Him what he wants me to hear in those sucky situations. God is not scared by our questions. He welcomes them, because at least we are coming to him.

1 Peter 5:7 (Amplified Bible)

7Casting the whole of your care [all your anxieties, all your worries, all your concerns, once and for all] on Him, for He cares for you affectionately and cares about you watchfully.



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Not Me Monday

Posted by Hannah Rae on Jun 15, 2009 in Life in the Stubborn house, Not Me Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

Okay, so this Not Me Monday was almost very different, but thankfully a certain 16 year old decided to come clean so we could all NOT do so many fun things this weekend. Thanks, Gabe for NOT being honest. :) More on that later.

I have not been very stressed out lately. I’ve been totally calm and collected and have not been flipping out in the least. Good thing, cuz it is never good for a mama to be near the breaking point with her job and her eldest child.

So the sweet hubby decided to take us all to a nearby city for the weekend. We did not stay in beautiful resort for very cheap. We definitely did not take advantage of my hubby’s business connections to get a wicked price on a fabulous room. We did not laugh at all of the golfers and make silly golf jokes all weekend.

Our plan for this weekend was to do some major shopping. Gabe had a clothing allowance to spend, so it’s a good thing we didn’t nearly have to leave him behind due to some more major honesty issues over very stupid stuff. That would have totally sucked, so I am glad that we didn’t even have to consider that. After checking into the hotel we went over to Old Navy where we did not take full advantage of the half off men’s clothing sale and get Gabe  a whole new wardrobe. I was not extremely proud of how he chose COLOR instead of black. I did not sit at the kiddie table by the dressing rooms and color a Father’s Day picture for my hubby. Said hubby did not chuckle profusely and say VERY LOUDLY “Well you’re not Early Childhood at all, are you?”

I was not more than a little pissed off that my favorite Old Navy jeans no longer fit me appropriately. I did not wish multiple times this weekend that my curves were easier to find clothes for and that the butt-crack-factor was not the first thing I had to consider with a pair of jeans.

I did not have to contain my joy multiple times as my men-folk rushed around store after store trying to find me clothes to try on. I do not thoroughly enjoy the fact that both my husband and my son love to shop. It’s annoying and I don’t love the bragging rights one bit. :) I was not extremely proud of myself for keeping my heart guarded as I tried on clothes. I did not totally impress myself with my good attitude as my “not gonna do it” pile kept growing and growing. I am not totally thankful for arrow prayers and a Holy Spirit that cares about how I feel about my body.

After a full day of shopping, I did not return to the hotel with 1 pair of pants and 1 shirt and 1 nightgown thingy with a cape. I did not thoroughly enjoy the amazing Mexican food that the hubby treated us too.

Saturday night, I did not feel like a kid again as I went down the water slide head first again and again and again. I did not have a few moments of childishness. I was not tempted to tell the little girl in front of me to quit cutting in line. :)

Sunday, I did not feel a little guilty about missing church. I was not extremely blessed by the wonderful worship music on our favorite Christian radio station. It did not make me feel much MUCH better about spending time with my hubby, sister, and son. I did not find it totally ironic that I found more (brand new) clothing that fit at the local Goodwill than at any other store.

Finally, I did not eat some really GOOD food this weekend. I was not so full after an amazing lunch of ribs and wings yesterday that I wasn’t the least bit hungry until breakfast this morning. I did not feel much better knowing that I did a butt-load of walking all weekend. :)

I am not feeling quite overwhelmed at how God has truly blessed us this year. I do not find myself thinking of how few people, even in our nation, have been blessed with such provision. I am not in awe of how God has blessed ME with such a wonderful husband, who cared enough to not only take his wife shopping but cheer for her along the way. I am not filled with glee after a fun weekend with my sister who is my best friend. I am not feeling very motherish after our first real family get away. God is so not good.

Oh wait! HE IS!!!

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Blisters, Buff Arms, and Bargains

Posted by Hannah Rae on Jun 9, 2009 in Life in the Stubborn house

Saturday was a great day. I needed a great day.

Jeremiah couldn’t come home this weekend, which sucked, but it also meant that I got to sleep in uninterrupted, which was very nice.

I had asked Rachel the night before if she wanted to go to the farm and garden with me and I was psyched when she excitedly agreed.

Rachel and I spent 3 hours in the glorious weather digging trenches to create raised beds for our garden plot. It was hard work, but it felt wonderful. We weren’t sure what we’d be working on so we didn’t bring any gloves, which led to a nice big blister on my right thumb, but the manual labor made me feel strong and capable, something I feel the opposite of quite often.

We were hoping to get most of our planting done yesterday, but it was rainy and COLD again, so the planting has again been delayed. Friends of my down south are already harvesting some crop for goodness’ sake!!! Can’t we at least get ours in the ground?

We are still figuring out what veggies are going to go in our plots. Here’s what I’ve got so far: Green and red peppers, jalapenos, acorn squash, summer squash, water melon (the little kind), cantaloupe, cucumbers, zucchini, peas, lettuce, and ???? So many choices, such a short growing season. Any suggestions?

Okay, so on the way home from gardening Rachel and I stopped at a multi-family garage sale and I found some incredible treasures including a brand new “Cars” comforter for Jeremiah, a beautiful wooden marble maze (which Gabe has not been able to put down), a Carrom game set (a childhood favorite), VHS copies of “The King and I” and Shirley Temple’s “Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farms”, some Christmas music, a cute outfit for a special little friend, a beautiful platter and ceramic hot pad thingy,  and a playstation game. ALL FOR $21!!! YAY!!!!

Kaleb was very proud of “his little bargain shopper”. :)

I am really loving garage sales this year, especially since I have purpose now in the things I am looking for. I love being able to look through the kid’s clothes and actually find things that will work for our little guy. It’s a joy that I didn’t know I was missing. Now, if  I could just find a decent couch.

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